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“Killer” Recipes

September 4, 2013

imagesIt can be hard to be a nutritionist on Facebook.

I don’t mean on my business page (be sure to “like” it!). I mean when I’m casually skimming the feed on my personal site, where I’m not “Paula Martinac, MS.”

There, I’m just a bunch of people’s “friend.” There, I feel like I have to hold my tongue when people post and re-post recipes that are health disasters in the making. After all, no one asked me to rain on his or her parade. And that’s how it might be perceived if I went on a tirade about dishes that are just convenient delivery systems for salt, sugar and fat – the triumvirate of food addictions in the standard American diet (appropriately shortened to “SAD” by nutritionists).

I didn’t make this stuff up. Eating the SAD diet has real consequences. Ask any of my clients who eventually find their way to me to learn how to eat healthfully after years of fast food, soda pop, pizza and chips. Many of them are on multiple medications and are just starting to feel the toll that prescription drugs for hypertension, heart disease and type 2 diabetes can take on a person’s body.

Ask Big Food executives if they actually eat the stuff their companies produce. According to Michael Moss in his eye-opening book Salt, Sugar, Fat, with processed foods, “the inventors and company executives don’t generally partake in their creations.”

Here’s a fact I’ve stressed before, but I’m going to bore you with it again: high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes are “lifestyle diseases.” That means a change in your lifestyle – i.e., diet and exercise – can put you on the road to reversing these conditions and dropping the meds. More than 80 percent of all instances of high blood pressure, for example, can be brought under control with lifestyle changes.

One client in her late 30s recently said that she imagined herself on multiple medications at, say, 50 or 60, but never at her age. When I pointed out that I’m in that higher age bracket and take no medications whatsoever, she fell silent.

Well, enough of my rant … for now. If this post can coax one Facebook-er to stop pushing “killer” recipes like heroin, I’ll be a happy camper. And if I can get one more person to start taking steps toward a healthier life, I’ll be absolutely ecstatic.

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