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Don’t Be a Statistic

June 12, 2013

Thanks to Marion Nestle, nutrition expert and author of the popular “Food Politics” blog, for posting the shocking data released this week by the NYC Department of Health about diabetes deaths in that city. According to these statistics, 1 person dies of diabetes-related complications every 90 minutes in New York City.

Every 90 minutes! In the time it takes to watch a movie, another person is going to succumb to this disease.

The key to curbing diabetes is prevention. That means dietary and lifestyle changes now, before you get the diagnosis.

Your M.D. probably won’t tell you that. Here’s an alarming, true story: A community organizer friend of mine here in Pittsburgh has pre-diabetes. That means her fasting blood sugar levels have inched into the danger zone, but she doesn’t yet require medication or insulin. When she asked for my advice, we talked about her diet and I suggested she try chromium supplementation, which some studies show can improve the body’s response to insulin. When she asked for her doctor’s advice, he said, “Look, you could take a pill and then you could eat whatever you want and have a very nice life.”


Happily, my friend tried chromium and has been able to keep her blood sugar levels stable without medication. If I could just get her to incorporate dietary and lifestyle measures, she could bring her numbers down significantly.

But even after a diagnosis, you still don’t have to be a victim to this disease. A client of mine with Type 2 diabetes is completely off medication and controlling her condition through natural measures. And she’s loving her diet, not feeling deprived.

Sounds better to me that ending up a statistic.

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