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Lobster, Anyone?

August 1, 2012

I’m off to Maine in a couple of days for rest, relaxation and … lobster! Yes, I am primarily vegetarian, but perhaps it would be more accurate to describe my diet as pescatarian. Although I rarely eat fish or seafood at home, I love to have it when I’m out and about. If you like lobster, too, but wonder if it’s any good for you, here are some nutritional facts about it.

Three ounces of steamed lobster meat contains just 76 calories, while supplying 16 grams of protein, or about a third of what women need in a day and a fourth of what men require. Unlike some other animal proteins, however, lobster has almost no saturated fat, with just 0.17 gram in a serving.

One caveat: lobster is high in dietary cholesterol, with 124 milligrams in 3 ounces. The recommended daily limit for cholesterol is 300 milligrams for most people, and 200 for those with heart disease, so watch your portions of this tasty crustacean.

Lobster also supplies calcium, about 8 percent of what most adults need daily. It’s also a decent source of vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-3, otherwise known as niacin. The B vitamins support brain and nervous system function, among other good things.

Be a purist when it comes to lobster, eating it steamed with just a smidgen of butter or a splash of olive oil. Stick with the suggested 3-ounce serving size and reap the benefits. And don’t forget to wear a bib!

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