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Just Say Yes

April 18, 2012

I turn off my cell phone after about 6 p.m., because it’s also my work phone and I need some down time. Last week, I turned it on again in the morning and there was a phantom text message from my partner that simply said “Yes.”

Obviously, I’d sent her a text asking some sort of question, but her answer didn’t come through before I made my phone go dark. Neither of us remembered the next day what that question had been.

But I thought it was a great metaphor for how to start your day, or how to accomplish something you’re finding particularly challenging.

Just say yes!

This applies really well to nutrition and changing eating habits. I have a client who ate a great many refined carbs when he first came to see me – candy, cakes, cookies, soft drinks, you name it. After a few sessions, he realized he needed to stop consuming so much sugar, and he quit cold turkey.

OK, it wasn’t just my persuasive powers – it didn’t hurt that “60 Minutes” had just aired its segment on toxic sugar. The point is, though, that  he never in a million years thought he would be giving up sugar when he walked into my office the first time. But he told himself that yes, he could do it, and then, with a few suggestions from me, he broke the habit.

What might you say “yes” to this week, in terms of your health? What would help you lose weight, or manage an illness, or prevent a disease you’re at risk for? Could you give up sugar, for example? Could you try it for a week? For two?

“Yes” is a powerful word. Tell yourself that you can do whatever it takes to improve your health for the long term.

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